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Originally Posted by Kognos View Post
Thanks for your help. I had tried associating ePub with Calibre, but hadn't noticed that the reader is a separate .exe, and that you can use it and bypass all the library management stuff. Using ADE works too. I didn't try the other options, two is enough! Great response to my first query!

I discovered today that another, simple way to bypass the Calibre library management functions is to go to "all programs", look for the Calibre drop down, and select the E-book viewer.
(This is on an XP machine).

Having said that, while Calibre is great, and FBReader is also very good at what it does, I was wondering if there were any other stand-alone programs (not browser add-ons) that did similar things.
(I'm afraid I don't like the look and feel of Adobe DE at all).

I've been having font problems of different kinds with both Calibre and FBReader, while reading some German books in EPUB format. While Calibre read most of the books fine, for one of them, for some reason, it couldn't handle the umlauts.

So I tried the same book in FBReader, and it handled the umlauts fine (and for all the other German books I had). But it insisted on reading them with a non-serif font, and when I tried changing it, it didn't seem to want to do it (though I tried several). I could change fonts with FBReader's "about" information, no problem.

I notice that the development effort for FBReader is going into mobile devices, which is fair enough, but it does mean the desktop support (for Windows anyway) has fallen way behind.
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