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The brief description

The program loads the block from 10 words and in the random order offers to execute for each of them one of exercises.
The change from one exercise to another depends correct or not you have executed it (for each word).
For the correct answer 3 points will be added to you, for incorrect will be subtracted 2.

The detailed description

the program loads the block from several words (default is 10, the meaning changes in 'Options\Levels');
for each word of the block the set of exercises is carried out;
the exercises are assigned to sequence 6 levels (by a degree of difficulty);
for the correctly executed exercise 3 numbers are added, the incorrect answer is fined (-2 points, the amounts of points can be changed in 'Settings');
the change from one exercise to another possible only on achievement the points limit (for each word).
words from the block replace each other in the random order;
the cycle of study of words in the block repeats so long as all words of the block do not become learned (will collect enough of points);
the word can be excluded from study (is marked learned), pressing of the button (V), thus the new word will added in the block for study.

Level1:On the screen the word card consisting of three parts: an learned word (1), a phonetic transcription (comment) (2) and translation (3).

In this mode the cards "word-transcription-translation" will be presented for the first know of the word.

Level2:Here is two columns:
- the first column is studied words of the block;
- the second is translations of words.

You should mark the word from the left column and his translation from the right column.
You will add points for the correct answer. You will lost points for the wrong answer.

To choose a word it is possible having pressed above them the left button of the mouse, thus the specified word is selected.
Repeated pressing on the selected word removes a choice. Pressing other word in the same column transfers a choice to the specified word.

Level3:It is necessary to choose from seven variants of translation the correct one.
Develops associative connection "word - translation".
If your answer is correct, you will add points and program will show the following word.
For the wrong answer you get penalty points. The incorrect answer is crossed out.

Level4:The translation you should recall (on one's own).
The exercise fixes association "word - translation".
You can shows the correct answer (studied word).

If you recalled the correct translation - press the button "Remember", if you did not recalled - press the button "Forgot".

Exercise "Answer" - on the screen is shown the translation and the word is offered to be recollected.

Level6:Translation of the studied word is shown on the screen.
You must write the word in the field.

The amount of letters in the studied word show on the screen.
Having written your answer in the field, press the button "Compare".
"Answer" show the studied word.
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