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Originally Posted by GoSharks View Post
@peterbruells and @Rabscallion

See here for what needs to be redone after the update.
Thanks. The jailbreak apparently survives, as I could install the linkss package via the normal mechanism (Menu, Update,)

But it doesn't seem to work.

Back in the days, I used a especial book contained in, to jailbreak, I don't think I ever used dev certificates, kindlet jailbreak, rescue pack. (Though I probably should?).

I now also re-installed the python package. Even though I did it the same way as I did it yesterday, my Paperwhite now accepted the update.

Yet again, nothing happens. Covers are not being generated, the screensavers shown are those of Amazon, even though linkss/screensavers/ is empty, links/cover is in place and linkss/cover_cache brims with covers generated when the thing just worked.

Right now I'm at a loss.
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