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Android app for counting only active time in Nexus 7

I have a Nexus 7, 3G version. The Nexus 7 only shows you the total time it was on, counted from the latest charge, which included both idle/ sleep time and active time when the tablet was using. If you go to settings->battery, you will see a number of time described as "x day y hours z minutes... on battery" then if you go to settings->battery->tablet idle, sometimes you will see the so-called "time on", which can be the same or totally different number with the time described in settings->battery.

Is there any android app which is able to counting the exact time when the user actually uses the Nexus? I hope this app can automatically count the total active duration time, excluding idle/ sleep time. When I open the Nexus 7 to use, this app will start to count time, and when I put the Nexus 7 in idle or sleep mode, this app will pause to count but it will continue to count when i open the Nexus 7 to use on next time. Is there any android app like this? Thanks for help!

Sorry, I have just realized that I mispost this thread under the Kindle field. Awww!

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