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Did Amazon do something? Screensaver back to original

I'm kinda confused. Did Amazon change anything during the last days? A new firmware, but no new number?

The Screensavers hack stopped working for me this morning, I'm back to the old screensavers.

But I'm reading Firmware version 5.3.4 (1848900011) - that's the one from December, right? But back then my Jailbreak survived the update, I just had to re-install the screensavers package.

But this time my Paperwhite wouldn't accept the python install.bin and gave me an erroe 3.0, telling me to reboot the Kindle. And when I reboot the device, it looks as if it isn't jailbroken anymore. I could swear that I usually saw a line of chars implying that I'm booting a jailbroken device - not aynmore.

Any ideas?

Edit: Oh vey, I remembered wrong. 5.3.4 is a new firmware which I didn't notice because I had the device in Airplane mode most of the time. Probably even since it came out.

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