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I am Polish and I mostly read book written in my native language. The problem with current hypenation in CR3 is that it's accuracy according to Polish language is ca. 60-70%. As far as I noticed, it - for example - breaks two vowels ("zwolni-enie" should be hyphenated as "zwol-nie-nie" and "mi-ędzy" as "mię-dzy") or inserts hyphen between digraphs ("sz", "cz", "rz").

For average reader it is not a problem, he will get used to. I am personally keen on typography and for me it is unacceptable .

What is more, you could add some options to change three dots to ellipsis, "-" surrended by spacebars to en- or em-dash and "" to quotation marks depending on book language. Moreover, in Polish and Czech there is a typographic rule to not to end lines with individual conjunction hanging at the end of the line.
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