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Syncing Kindle App to Kindle Touch

Originally Posted by nynaevelan View Post
Yes it will do it for you, if the books exist on the kindle then they go into the same collections as they are on the device you are importing from. If the books are not on the kindle, then it just imports an empty collection. It is not 100%, but I think that has more to do with how quickly Amazon's servers are updated with all your changes. I wish there was more control over which collections were imported and the ability to remove collections from their servers. The longer you have a device the more junk collections you will end up with on their servers. I don't think Amazon gave a lot of thought to collections and books which were not purchased from them when they implemented this process, but that is a non-issue because at least this makes it easier to do than doing it all manually.
Hi, I have a Kindle Touch and a Mac (running OS X) and am having a devil of a time trying to arrange all my books and pdfs into collections on the Kindle so that on the home screen of the device interface I don't have to manually scroll through pages and pages of individually listed files to get to the file I want to read. I use Calibre and have created "user categories" based on tags that more or less represent (as listed folders within Calibre) the generic collections I'm trying to create. However, I don't know how to export my classification system to the Kindle so that the Kindle interface only shows the broader generic collections with the individual books and pdfs nested within them (as opposed to all individual texts being haphazardly arrayed on the device's interface). I've also tried the Kindle App on my laptop - I managed to load pdfs onto the Kindle App interface and along with downloaded books organize them into collections, but how to export this information to the device? I tried both the "Sync and check for new items" button and "Manage Your Kindle..." under "Tools" (which link the device, app and cloud?) but none of my newly created collections in the Kindle App appeared in my cloud on the Amazon website or on the device itself. I also found reference to a "Kindle Collections" plug-in for Calibre, but it turns out it's not available for Kindle Touch. Any help would be greatly appreciated - on a Kindle Touch (and using a Mac), how does one distribute one's whole library into a much smaller number of thematic collections, and ensure that this limited number of collections appears on the device's home interface, with individual books/pdfs listed within their respective collections and accessible by opening the appropriate collection? It's ridiculous how difficult this simple operation is proving ... Advance thanks!
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