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Trouble with Japanese (romaji and kanji)

Hello, folks. Thanks for answering my question about embedding Japanese fonts over on the EPUB forum. I successfully used glyphIgo to subset the free Hanazono font, and now I'm trying to get my book to render properly on Nook. I'm testing on two Nook devices, my sister's first-gen Nook and my own Nook Simple Touch.

I'm having two problems. I'm guessing neither is solvable, but I want to check and make sure.

1. On the Nook Classic, the characters ō and ū, which are common in romanized Japanese, fail to render, and display as question marks. If I change the font to Helvetica, it renders the ō but not the ū.

2. On the Nook Touch, this problem is solved; the native fonts include those characters. And the kanji render fine with the embedded font, but only if I enable Publisher Defaults. As soon as I turn off Publisher Defaults, the kanji turn into empty boxes.

Question 1: Should I even bother trying to get my document to work on Nook Classic? If so, any ideas? Should I embed the body font using something like Adobe Source Sans?

Question 2: Is it reasonable to ask people to turn on Publisher Defaults if they want to be able to read my book? If so, what's the best way to do that? Have the book open on a page saying "IF YOU HAVE A NOOK..."?

Thanks very much,
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