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Originally Posted by thomass View Post
Did you read the second post?

Actually, yes, I did What I failed to read was the linked issue, and what I only found now is what looks like a very nice defect report created by you (

Alas, with me being totally new to the Kindle and not familiar with the software ecosystem underneath, I was unable to recognize the connection earlier.

Originally Posted by thomass View Post
I can propose a way to exit from the app: just replace attached readermenu.lua with the existing one. This one adds a new item to upper menu to exit from the app similar ...
Thank you very much for this suggestion! From your verbal description it seems as if you added the "quit" item to the tab_item_table, with a distinct icon, and exitReader() as the lambda implementation (didn't do a diff, so relying on your description)

Two things:
1.) My koreader implementation does not come with a "resources/icons/appbar.quit.png" resource; having blindly copied the script in place, this was causing abnormal program termination as soon as I tried to invoke the main tab bar

2.) After editing readermenu.lua to refer to "resources/icons/appbar.home.png", i.e.

- icon = "resources/icons/appbar.quit.png",
+ icon = "resources/icons/appbar.home.png",

I get the expected behaviour - the application terminates. This is indeed a gross hack, but I was too lazy to identify or create a more suitable icon.

So, all in all: Thank you very much!
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