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Originally Posted by Doitsu View Post
I did. But for some odd reason, Kindles don't use the Arabic glyphs, when you embed Arabic fonts. (If you mix Latin and Arabic text, the Latin glyphs actually show up.)
That's why I didn't embed fonts in my latest test file.
Also since I figured out that Arabic vowel signs are supported up to a certain font size I created a new test file without embedded fonts.
I am not sure if I'm correct, but latin glyphs are usually found attached to the letter as one single character: so and e are 4 different characters by themselves.
whereas in arabic, و وُ وِ وَ are using one character for the و and one character for the glyph. I guess this is one difference worth mentioning.

Thanks for the update on the question. I am really interested in knowing the latest about Arabic fonts on Kindle. I guess many are interested in that especially for writing religious books (e.g. quran, bible) or dictionaries. We all agree that there is a big lack of arabic material in the kindle shop.

- Is there a group/page on this forum for Arabic font discussions? I only saw some small threads on the subject.

- According to your knowledge, what is the compatibility of Arabic with the various formats and various Kindle models ?

( I know this question is a bit extensive, but this kind of information would be interesting if available in one place)

Thanks for your time a lot.
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