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The iLiad: Just How Much More?

Depending on the availability of the iLiad when it's released, that will be the reader I would buy.

I've seen comments on the cost issue, but I easily see it coming in no more than $600. Technologies like USB, SD and CF Card, Wifi and Ethernet are so commonplace that I can't believe they would drive up the cost of the iLiad significantly. The three things that will drive the cost are the higher-res, larger display (8.1" at 1025*768), the full-screen touch-sensitivity and the integretion of the WaCom Penabled Technology for input. Will these three things drive the price up $250 higher than the Sony Reader? It's possible. Will it drive the price up more than $250 over the Sony Reader? I don't think the cost of the technology warrants it.

It would be an interesting thing to try and discover the actual cost of the Sony Reader and the resulting profit they take in from the $350 pricepoint. That could give a better idea about the eventual pricepoint on the iLiad. My guess is the iLiad will come in between $500 and $600.