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Originally Posted by twobob View Post

Might be helpful...

It autoscrolls the page "Down a bit" when the page is turned...

For your use case you would amend /mnt/us/extensions/scoller/bin/autoscroller to read

PHP Code:
SSSTATE=`lipc-get-prop com.lab126.powerd preventScreenSaver`  
lipc-set-prop com.lab126.powerd preventScreenSaver 0 

/mnt/us/extensions/scroller/bin/ 10 1 1 &  
# 10 is 10% down ,  1 is full flash refresh, 1 is Move DOWN
# you can play with less or more %age depending on the size of the damage

dbus-monitor "interface='com.lab126.powerd',member='goingToScreenSaver'" --systemkillall -9 runner.shlipc-set-prop com.lab126.powerd preventScreenSaver "$SSSTATE"; ) &  
usleep 30000  
-INT dbus-monitor 

Requires KUAL

if you would prefer a way to just trigger rotation I can probably make that too...
let me know. ta.

EDIT: I was thinking about HOW you were going to use the rotation...
Would you prefer the scrolling to just UNTRIGGER after say 2 seconds or something?
we could probably do that as well.

More info = better answers
Thanks for being so helpful!

It would be amazing to JUST have a way to trigger rotation. Over-riding the physical buttons would be a perfect solution.

Do you think it is possible to re-map the page forward and back buttons? This would be my ideal setup:

(Button:New Function)
Right Previous Page: Rotate clockwise
Right Next Page: Next Page
Left Previous Page: Rotate counter-clockwise
Left Next Page: Previous Page

Another good one would be to change the chapter skip function on the 5-Way controller to rotate instead, but it would suck if it overrides the ability to scroll through words for the dictionary when I bring the cursor onto the page.
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