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Hello everyone!

I am looking to buy a cover for my paperwhite but I am a bit distrustful of the auto wake/sleep function, which I didn't even know existed until I started looking for covers. And all the good ones seem to have this functionality.

Here's what's bothering me:
I always turn off my PW when not in use by pressing the power button for 7s. I think it saves more power this way, but I could be wrong. Now, from what I understand, the covers put it to sleep, which means it goes to the screensaver?
If I turn it off and then close the cover, will it stay off, go to sleep or turn itself back on?
With the cover closed, and assuming it goes into screensaver mode, can I turn it off?

It's kind of hard for me to accept the auto wake function though. Just because I have the cover is open doesn't mean I want to read something...

Should I look further for some nice non-auto wake/sleep covers or am I being too picky?

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