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Creating Pop-up Notes and Links (was Creating an index)

I have started work on creating a new version of an old book (a very old book), of about 500 pages. The book is historical and has hundreds of names of people and places. It is my intention to provide the reader with a facility to tap on a name to see a brief profile of the person/place and a list of other references to that person/place.

My thinking is to publish in Kindle format as I hope to charge a small price for the book.

I have read about Amazon's X-Ray system which provides a very similar functionality to what I have in mind, though without giving the control over the indexing content that I would like. My own thinking is to place an anchor at each name in the text, then use these to generate index data automatically. I'd like to be able to display the relevant part of the index as a pop-up or overlay when the reader requests it.

Can anyone advise whether this is even possible and, if it is, what tools/workflow I might employ to achieve this?

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