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Calibre Evernote plugin

I think most of you heard about Evernote. This is great service, but there is no option to export your notes (preferably to ePub). Fortunately Evernote provides API which is very good (Python is supported). Evernote notes are basically written as HTML with few Evernode-specific tags. I wrote simple Evernote to XHTML converter, just to check is it possible to write evernote2epub converter. I'm not much into calibre plugins developing (does calibre provide library to make an epub from few xhtml files?), so I want to ask if someone want to provide such plugin. Idea is that plugin would download and convert to epub all notes with specific tag, e.g. epub on user request. Plugin should also check if notes were updated (on user request). It's easy since Evernote Note object has last edition date.

Below is my simple converter. It was tested with Evernote sandbox and Linux. Calibre plugin will require developer key, but it's free (you need register to obtain key). Converter is saved in evernote-sdk-python/sample/client/ directory. If you have any question I will be happy to answer. Thanks.
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