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FREE TODAY: Book 1 of Sci-Fi/Humor "The Vault Matrix"

Get in-- for FREE-- at the very beginning ("a very nice place to start"-- J. Andrews).

Today ONLY: The Vault Matrix: Book 1 is free on Amazon.

The Vault Matrix

A comedy/science fiction series of wavering merit

Starting near the end of the twenty-first century, and racing up and down the timeline, brothers TK and Burn are on a frantic mission: they must stop someone who's traveling to the late-1700s to prevent the "birth" of America!

Desperate, they gather a handful of unlikely (or unfortunate) crew members along the way: a popular 19th century actor, a young 20th century theoretical physicist, two warrior-cannibals from an alternate universe, and ... a guy named Doyle.

Secretly, the two brothers have very personal reasons why they've taken on the mission-- they may have inadvertently set the terrible plan in motion.

Time is running out for TK and his crew to stop the most unimaginable crime in human history. One that would instantly, tragically go unnoticed, as a young America disappears from all memory.

It's up to the crew of the Mystik to rocket across time and space to stop this terrible crime.

So, yeah, it's not looking too good.

Book 1 of "a science fiction-humor series of waverying merit", The Vault Matrix is free today only on Amazon

Check our website for the latest details including the release of the upcoming Book 4 of the series!

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