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A question for anyone who has rooted their Nook using NookManager

Hi guys

I'm new to this rooting malarkey, and having a go at rooting my Nook ST Glowlight using NookManager.

Hoping someone who has done it before may be able to help me out with an answer to a quick question.

After rooting my Nook Simple Touch (with Glowlight) using NookManager, I now need to install NTGAppsAttack to use the Google market.

According to the thread here :

this is where I should be :

Unzip the NTGAppsAttack zip file into the the root of your NookManager microSD card
Power off your Nook
Insert NookManager microSD card into your Nook
Power on your Nook and let NookManager load
From the main NookManager screen select More, then Custom, then Install NTGappsAttack

So I've done as far as the Power on your Nook and let NookManager load, however I have no Custom option under the More option if I'm booting from the Nook Manager SD card.

The options I have when I select More, are <- About NookManager B&N Apps -> <- Back

There is no custom under any of them, so I dunno how I can install NTGAppsAttack.

Can anyone shed any light ?

Thanks a lot.

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