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Hmmm. I didn't wait and chose to get a Nook Glow instead of a PW or Kobo Glo at Christmas, having looked at all three e-readers in store. I can only say I'm very happy with it, the screen is great, and I love the light. I find it easier on my eyes than the harsher, whiter light of the other two. I hear a lot about the screen resolution being worse, but frankly I'm not convinced the difference is huge; despite having a lower screen resolution, when I compared my Kindle Keyboard to the lit e-readers in store, it beat all of them for sharp text and clear background. So my thinking is that if having the best display in terms of sharp, clear text is a priority, a non-lit reader is the way to go; a slightly muddier display is the trade-off you make for the light with all the front-lit e-readers. Despite this, I find myself using my Nook to read 90% of the time, because it's such a nice e-reader to use.

But in answer to your main question, there doesn't seem to be any indication that a new Nook release is imminent (perhaps others have more idea on that one). 89 pounds is a very good price. I suppose it depends how long you want to wait, and when the next Nook is realistically likely to come out (and then how long it will take to be available in the UK, presumably where you'd be buying it).

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