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Epubs for Cylons
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Jellby, that is a damn clever idea for converting from mobi to mobi with Calibre, and I tried it! The meta info was changed. This is the KindleGen-inserted meta info from the KindleGen mobi:

<!-- The following meta tags are just for information and will be ignored by mobigen/kindlegen. -->
<meta name="Cover ThumbNail Image" content="images/image00136.jpeg" />
<meta name="Fake Cover" content="0" />
<meta name="Creator Software" content="202" />
<meta name="Creator Major Version" content="2" />
<meta name="Creator Minor Version" content="8" />
<meta name="Creator Build Number" content="0" />
<meta name="Font Signature (hex)" content="03000000000000000000000000000080002000000 00000000000000000000000edecbef401a901ae40934094409 94098409c409d40a240a6" />
<meta name="K8(129)_Masthead/Cover_Image" content="kindle:embed:0047" />
<meta name="534 (hex)" content="6b7072" />
<meta name="535 (hex)" content="303230382d37393762663735" />
<meta name="524 (hex)" content="656e2d5553" />
<meta name="StartOffset" content="173" />
<meta name="528 (hex)" content="74727565" />
<meta name="K8(121)_Boundary_Section" content="216" />
<meta name="525 (hex)" content="686f72697a6f6e74616c2d6c72" />
<meta name="K8(125)_Count_of_Resources_Fonts_Images" content="136" />
<meta name="K8(131)_Unidentified_Count" content="134" />
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