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Originally Posted by kguil View Post
Syncing highlights and annotations to Calibre needs a special Calibre plugin to work. More info on this here: and here:

If you're out on the road, you can use Dropbox.
On the road in rural countryside where 2G data barely works is not a great use case for DropBox. It is the privilege of better Wireless Internet Infrastructure.

Originally Posted by artbatista View Post
Correct, once you enable the calibre http server, you can the go to Marvin, select the OPDS feeds section (Cloud icon at bottom of library or home screen) and add your server to it, it would be like:


(XXX. etc is your calibre server's ip. address). The default port is 8080, but it can be changed in the http server section in Calibre. If like me, you like to leave the server running in a dedicated machine, you can set up username/password.

After that you can browse the catalog and download single or multiple books as needed.

If you wish to transfer from the road (No router or wifi available) you have options:

1.- you can setup an ad hoc wifi connection with your laptop when needed and run the calibre server.

2.- connect the iPad to the laptop with a cable, use iTunes (drag and drop to the Marvin file section).

If you decide to set up a dedicated calibre server, it's easy to forward the ports thru your router to the calibre server. I do this and have access from anywhere.

I don't use the annotations functions, but Alex (Aka Faterson) is really our resident expert on annotation and all things highlight.


However, I am going to experiment with the Ad-Hoc connection and USB. I was keen on SugarSync since it allows custom folders, but weirdly despite tons of people asking for LOCAL NETWORK SYNC for years they have not implemented that. Only DropBox has it, but no Custom Folders.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Crashnburn, to me really the easiest way to access my Calibre books so I can read them using Marvin, is no export at all. You can simply let SugarSync or Dropbox (or some such service) mirror your Calibre's "Books" folder online, and that's it. Then, you can directly open any Calibre book on your iPad. You don't need to run Calibre's "content server" a single time -- and you still will have access to alll your Calibre books on your iPad (and therefore in Marvin).

PS: Of course, if you have no Internet connectivity on your iPad, that doesn't work, but folks who don't have Internet connectivity would be best off throwing or giving away their iPads -- it's a wireless device that relies on being online all of the time.
20+ hour bus journey through rural country side with spotty cell connection and barely working 2G connections, you can forget about WhatsApp working reliably.. DropBox/SugarSync are a dream away.

At those times, eBooks and TV Series, Movies (via XBMC) on a Jailbroken 64 GB iPad 1 bought used from Cowboom is a great companion with a long long battery life.

Originally Posted by ProfCrash View Post
When you use dropbox, od a double check and make sure your files transfered. I received a message that they had but noticed I was missing 2/3 of my books. I looked at the folder in dropbox and many of them had a blue symbol instead of a green check. I reopened Calibre and saved to dropbox again and this time all was well.

I am keeping all of my books on my iPad. I have 64 GB of space and a WiFi model. By having them all on the device, I can make sure that I have what I want, when I want it. Call me silly, but I have the space so why not?

I am looking forward to folders though.
It's not about having MONEY, I'd rather get an older iPad with more space than a recent one with less space. For me its about the time when I want long battery life and consume MEDIA (books or videos).

PPS: I read about this app called ShuBook or something that's coming up as a nice Stanza replacement (I've heard/ read a lot about stanza). How does that compare to Marvin?

Some people on that thread said it was better? I am curious.

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