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Epub to Mobi Conversion Without Kindlegen or Calibre?

I have a client who wants to sell his book (in epub and mobi) directly from his high-traffic website. He does not want to sell the book on Amazon at all.

Does anyone know of a reliable way to convert from epub to mobi without using Kindlegen (which explicitly states that the generated mobi file must be sold on Amazon)?

I tried converting using Calibre, but a large part of the CSS, namely font-faces and margin-left, were stripped out. I tried adjusting the settings on Mobi Output to say "both" or "new" for the mobi output type, but the resulting file did still not have the CSS properties when I tested the files onto my Kindle Fire.

If you know of a way to zip mobi files with KF8 formatting and media queries by using the command line or any kind of software, please let me know. Thanks
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