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Unhappy Image Size CSS for Sony Reader epub?

When I downloaded Reader Apps and tested my epub on it, the images in the book were all oversized and expanding past the page.

The images are indeed large, most 1200px W x 1800px H, but I use a CSS property of max-width: 600px. This fixes a similar oversized image problem on the Nook, but not when I preview the epub on Sony Reader Apps.

img {
max-width: 600px;

Does anyone know of a CSS property that will allow Sony Reader to shrink the images to scale?

Or, does anyone know if the Reader Apps software is accurate in displaying images? When I expand to full screen in Reader Apps, everything looks perfect. When Reader Apps is in compact mode, the images are blown up.

When I preview in ADE, the images are perfect, but of course ADE does not give you a good preview of how images will actually appear on a device.

I do not have any other CSS properties put on the images. I do not use Calibre or Sigil, only HTML and CSS. The images are sized so large in order to accomodate Kindle Fire HD 8.9; resizing each one is not an option.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Amy
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