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The world is about to learn its greatest lesson in history ─ TWICE!

The world is about to learn its greatest lesson in history ─ TWICE!

[Edited for length - MODERAT0R]

Whether entrapped in a 500,000 year old crypt on an island in the middle of the Atlantic or just hard at work in the offices and laboratories of TMI, the anticipation is palpable as the reader is propelled from introduction to mystery and from expectation to the unexpected resolution of this provocative and entertaining story.

Whether delivering the most precious substance on Earth from Atlanta to Tokyo in the shortest possible time or nipping a nuclear war in the bud when there is no time left to lose, Pons and Gordon lead us a chase through difficulty, mystery and rescue to a culmination in the present, that rewrites the past and forever changes mankind's future.

This is my Adventure novel, just republished as an ebook on Smashwords. I''ve listed it as free for now, to get it into circulation.

I would like to find some other writers, to cross review each other's book. If someone would like to do this, please take a look at Twice Blind and let me know.

Thanks. J. Forester

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