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Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
It's in titlepage_entries by default and appears on the title page inside the generated book.
Now, see, it drove me nuts because that worked for me too, the rating was missing only from the metadata.opf and the Tag column. I didn't say that in the first post though, did I? Damn, that's why I shouldn't post sleep-deprived at two o'clock in the night.

So the rating tag appearing in the Tag column is not something that the plugin does by default, I did it by mistake when I was messing with Calibre's Rating column. Huh, how on earth did I miss that? Perhaps now I'll figure out how to put it in a column all by itself. My coding skills have 20 years worth of rust on 'em and the tag having the same name with a default column doesn't help at all.
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