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Cover Quality

So I am one of those OCD types that hate it when I have covers that don't look good. I know that Quality Check will identify small covers, but I have been working on a plugin that will do some additional checks:

In process:
  • Determine if a cover is mostly white. I have noticed that some covers come down with a huge chunk of the image being white and I want to identify those.
  • Determine if a cover is misshapen. I don't like odd shaped covers, so I want to identify those, too.
  • Determine if a cover is too small. Quality Check will do this, but since I'm implementing these other things, I might as well put this in.

Still Analyzing
  • Determine if a cover is out of focus. I have looked at several algorithms and I know that they work for photos, but I still need to figure out if it will work for covers.

Does this type of thing interest anyone? If it does, is there any other functionality that would be good to include?

Let me know what you all think.
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