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Theducks, hey, I like your cat. My wife and I have been cat lovers for 37 years.

Clarification: I guess I didn't state one question correctly.

ZIP: Thanks for the insight. I got it.

OPTIMUM SETTING: The books I'm making will be offered to the general public. If I were making books just for myself, I would use the specific settings for my mobile devices.

But, as these will be offered to everyone I can't see producing a multitude of different versions to cover every eBook reader/mobile device out there. Surely there is ONE optimum setting that will give me the best coverage of the most reading devices without having to produce 15 or 20 specific versions of each book. After all, Kindle and Barnes & Noble only offer one edition of each book.

Theducks: I take your comment on the K2 setting to heart, but I'm concerned about your saying that it may not be the best for the newer devices.

Can anyone else weigh in on this? Can someone clue me in as to the best GENERAL setting for both mobi and epub books? Including the newer devices like Kindle Fire HD?

Theducks: You said I don't have a mobile device? You clued me in to the fact that I forgot to list them in my bio. I have a Kindle E-Ink and a Fire HD. Thanks for the reminder.

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