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Psychological Drama/ Thriller short story! The Green Mist

I just published for the first time on Kindle. It's so exciting. I'd love some feedback.
The Green Mist:
Max, an ordinary girl, sets out to party her troubles away. But, she finds out there is more to her than even she knew. A chaotic spiral of events ensues after she encounters someone at the party. Hidden facets of her personality come out whether she wants them to or not. Can she escape the trouble? Can she escape herself?
Bonus short story at the end:
Ian has an ordinary life, but he wants more. He doesn't feel fulfilled. There are parts of him he is forced to leave behind, but he secretly indulges in some of his old past times while his wife thinks he is at a business meeting. His secrets cause him to face some rough facts.
Mariah Wood. A young and, hopefully up and coming , author.
I love writing. I love to put the words together and create a story. I love my stories, but I am looking forward to improving as I go.
Thanks for clicking on my thread!
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