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I downloaded the 1.8 update from the URL provided in this forum. The size in byte is exactly the same. The LED is red and on the whole time since yesterday evening. (Power coming from the socket via USB.) When I take out the USB cable, the LED goes to blue and stays on. I can't switch the device off, and rebooting after reset doesn't work… it freezes at the first "block" of the boot progress bar.

So maybe something is wrong with the way I applied the update. (??)

(1) Do I need to update to 1.3, 1.4 etc. first, before going to 1.8? (I went to 1.8 directly.)
(2) Do I have to keep pressing the joystick button and on/off button the whole time or only until the firmware is starting to look for the new update? (I kept pressing it until it had found the installer archive and started extracting the contents.)
(3) Does the SD card need to be formatted in a certain way? (I have MS-DOS FAT32.)
(4) Does the installer archive (in zip format) have to be located in the root folder on the SD card? (That's where I put it.)
(5) Must the SD card be otherwise empty? (I have a couple of folders with ebooks on it as well. Unused space is over 10 GB.)

I'll try one last thing. I'll see if the SD volume needs to be repaired etc. and then try the installation again.

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