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Has there been some change made to the way Calibre handles Author and Author Sort for the Kindle Touch? Previously I needed to reconvert all my books so they would appear like "Robert Jordan" instead of "Jordan, Robert", but still sort alphabetically by last name. Now I noticed that many of the books I've had to convert that way are being sorted by first name but the books I upload to my Kindle without any conversion are being sorted correctly, and the authors are being displayed correctly.

Do I need to reconvert and reupload all my books, disabling "Use author sort for author"? And to ask my previous question again, do I have to delete all those books from my Kindle. I'm not sure how I'm going to easily find and replace the ones that need fixed, short of reconverting my entire library, deleting my entire library on my Kindle, and reuploading my entire library (and presumably reindexing everything.) What should I be doing that will be most efficient? Thanks.
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