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greenclaws began at the beginning.
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Sorry Mark, I meant which version of the firmware that causes the MD5 error do I compare to the one in Data. But I do like all of your thinking that came from what I said.

When I put the PRS+ installer on the reader yesterday, it asked me if I wanted to do a factory reset. As it was something new for a change I said yes. It was in fact a bad idea because now it's gone back to the way it was when I was at the start of the thread, it doesn't let me access the drives and it requires 10 resets to be receptive to the Hack 300 Update, does the update and then goes back to 'Opening book..' only.

When it was reading the drives and I used Hack 300 Updater it was strange as it would say
New Software version
Current Software version or something similar
It struck me as odd as the only successful firmware version I'd put on it is the one through Hack 300 Updater so it should have matched the 'New software version'
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