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Yes, that works - thank you. However, how would I separate two poems running one after the other if the top and bottom margins are both 0? Here is the example I am talking about:

<div class="poem">
    <p>In her high, bright noontide</p>

    <p>The shadows fell upon . .</p>

    <p><b>ETHNA CARBERY</b> . . .</p>

    <p>At Easter, 1902 . . . .</p>

  <div class="poem">
    <p><b>TO YOU IN HEAVEN</b>&mdash;</p>

    <p class="stanza">When your head once lay on my breast,</p>

    <p>And your hand was closed in my hand,</p>

    <p>You drew back the veil from your soul</p>

    <p>And asked could I understand.</p>

    <p class="stanza">The letters that flamed in gold flame</p>

    <p>On its virgin whiteness I scanned&mdash;</p>

    <p>"I love you, I love you, O Love"&mdash;</p>

    <p>And I whispered, I understand.</p>

    <p class="stanza">I thought I did. Foolish we be!</p>

    <p>I, in Sorrow's intense solitude</p>

    <p>Where the dread hours drag into ages,</p>

    <p>Fared far ere I understood.</p>

    <p class="stanza">Yesternight I lifted wet eyes</p>

    <p>To the stars, that were as the sands,</p>

    <p>And cried, O, my God! it is now,</p>

    <p>Only now, that my soul understands.</p>

    <p class="stanza">SEUMAS.</p>
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