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I get picked on occasionally (usually by strangers) for what I choose to read. When I first read Twilight (hardback borrowed from my grandmother before I had my nook), I had some random old guy (probably 50s or 60s) walk up to me in the mall and start talking about how bad the Twilight books are. When he finally stopped for a breath, I asked him if he had personally read the books. "No, why would I read that garbage." "Well, if you haven't read it, how do you know it's garbage?" "Everyone says it is..." Yeah, that conversation was over fairly quickly after I pointed out how idiotic that train of thought was. I have a personal rule that I cannot bad-mouth a book without having read it myself. However, even books that I bad-mouth because I don't like them usually get a disclaimer of "just because they're not for me, doesn't mean they aren't for you."

Just the other day some lady around my age (late 20s to early 30s) asked me what I was reading on my nook and how I liked my nook. First, I told her I loved my nook and then showed her some of the nifty little features like the glow function. Then I told her I was actually reading all of the old Goosebumps series since I hadn't read them since I was in grade school and I knew I hadn't read all of them. "YOU'RE READING CHILDREN'S BOOKS?!" I had no idea it was a crime to read the Goosebumps series as an adult... o_O
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