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Originally Posted by DuckieTigger View Post
Huh? How have you supposed to create that binary patch without breaking that EULA in the first place? Sure it would be legal to distribute some random patch file that fell from the sky, but nobody can use it that does not want to break their own EULA.

You might not care, but others care to use legal fonts.
I do care (and I wonder how you got the impressions that I do not). That section you quoted sounds like you cannot even modify it for your own use. Meaning you cannot even change the metrics and use them on your Kindle if you own the font. Although in this case I would challenge the validity of such a clause, at least depending on the jurisdiction.

On the other hand, if you are allowed modify a font for your own use, distributing only a binary patch should not pose a problem, since you can only use it if you already own the original font and it consists in no part of any copyrighted code of the original font.
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