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Thanks for the comments. You all have set my mind at ease that something is not screwed up. I do mostly read from start to finish with books that I read on my PDA since it is mostly fiction. The really coolest thing about all readers I've come across is that you immediately go to where you were last reading when you stopped. So that works fine. I rarely think when I'm reading, "Hey I may want to read this again" then book mark it, it's just sometimes I'll want to jump back and review, and that is kind of a hassle with mobi pocket, but I really like other features.

What is my favorite feature I can sense you all wondering? I like to change the color scheme at night when I read in bed to a black background and green lettering. There is less light to bug my wife, and it feels so retro; it takes me back to the early days with the first CRT screens. I just love it.

I'm such a geek it scares me sometimes.
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