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Hello Mark, thank you for your reply.

The first drive (partition?) is called 'Sony PRS-300 USB Device'. The second one is called 'Sony PRS-300 Launcher USB Device'. Both say 'no media inserted'. I seem to remember when it was actually working that one had the manual and drivers on, the other one was everything else.

As for resetting, I've tried your method and nothing happens.

* Push reset with pin > simultaneous down arrow and 0 button and keep held does nothing at all.
* Push reset with pin > power button > simultaneous down arrow and 0 button held makes the reader soft reset due to the reset, power combo, goes back to Opening book and does nothing.
* Push reset with pin > down arrow and 0 button held, then power button soft resets then goes to Opening book the same as above.

I've seen other people on the forums with the exact same problem as me before and they were told to contact Porkupan and then never shared what he said xD, or Mark you tell them to do the steps that I have said in my first post and they don't come back and share what happened either. I'm totally perplexed as what to do now, besides wait for an answer to my PM to Porkupan
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