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Hi Arios,

Thanks for your reply. Actually what you have suggested I have already done. I went through the document loads of times, following the instructions in Smashwords Style Guide and I did find instances where I had a text indent and so deleted them.

But every time I went to upload it I still got the same message saying there was a problem with the paragraph formatting. So after many different attempts I decided to start all over again and re format the lot.

I copied the document into a Notepad to strip out all the formatting and then copied it into a new Open Office document and re formatted it.

I can actually highlight the whole document and see that there are no paragraphs that show a first line indent and that all paragraphs have a space above allocated to them, even the headlines.

But, guess what, it still will not pass the Smashwords meatgrinder which keeps giving me the same message about the paragraph formatting being wrong and suggesting that I either have a text indent or space above a block paragraph but not both.

Im at my wits end now because I cannot put right a problem that I cannot see exists. This is why I wish there was a community page to ask others on Smashwords if they have had the same problem.

My book is published on Smashwords itself but I want it to be distributed to all the other sites too.

Problems problems, life just seems to be full of them at times.
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