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how to get a book not bought from amazon into k4pc and then into a collection

Hope you can help
As the collection manager plugin only works with a jailbreak on the PW5.3.3 I decided to use k4pc to set up my collections and later import them on my PW via W-LAN from the kindle cloud lib....

All fine, but how can I get books not bought from Amazon into that prozess ? The book I tried has "mobi-asin:B0083...." in ist meta tag

- If I download them from calibre via usb and add them to a collection on the PW, they dont show up in the cloud (so no way to k4pc)

- If I email them from calibre, they sit in the personal documents folder but can only be deliverd to the PW and not to K4PC (grayed out). On the PW I can add them to a collection, but even if import this PW collection from within k4pc the book does not show up

- if I directly copy such a book to the k4pc Folder, it shows up but cant be transferred to the kindle cloud lib or the PW ...

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