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Unhappy stuck on Opening Book, 'Hack 300' fix not working

Hi guys, I think my PRS-300 is totally kaputt.
It keeps showing Opening Book without going further. I press Reset then Power Switch and it resets. Then I press reset to make the screen go corrupt and keep doing that about 10 times and then it says 'Firmware update failed'. At that point is the only time that the reader responds to being connected to the PC. It has one drive that is 44k that has one file that says 'Protected!'.

I use the Hack 300 Update file that I always see in instructions for unbricking 300s such as the often quoted and it says New Software Version Current version I click Update and it goes through installing things. Then it says it's finished and it's safe to disconnect. At this point the reader resets..... and goes back to saying 'Opening Book' and being totally unresponsive. All it will respond to then is exactly what I have just described. During all this the reader is fully charged but the whole time that the reader says 'Opening book' it is accessing the drive and the orange light flashes. So if I leave it a day I have to charge it again.

I can't do a hard reset because the thing won't turn off, when it seems to run out of juice it still displays the Opening Book screen but the lights don't blink any more. If I do the 'reset > turn on > down arrow and 0 simultaneously' thing it doesn't do anything.

I'm not sure how to proceed in fixing it, does anyone have any experience in this specific symptom? Thank you for any help you can give...

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