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jack5959 began at the beginning.
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Thanks !!!
And this one is completely unexpected, too. The only explanation I have is that you have corrupt books, which do not have a title... Anyway, this one should also be fixed in version 2.3.4 (download in first post).
So... that's essentially all I know. Try version 2.3.4. If it times out on start, your Kindle is too busy (probably indexing). Either delete books, or wait. Otherwise, I'm out of ideas...
I bought the K5 which was reset .... Put some ebooks. Cried immediately before the manual collections. Sought a "solution google" and found your jailbreak ...
All my ebooks have a blanket, title and author checked. I think my base is not too bad: I had already many (but probably not all) controls by the module "quality check" into Calibre ... Max of mobi come from calibre.
I'll still watch what I forgot to test the quality of the encoding epub?
@ Ixtab Thank you for your explanations. I'll watch collections version 2.3.4. (I have not watched how (I will tonight) ...)
I hope that replacing the file.bin in 2.3.4 will be enough to redo my collections?

About indexing: I wanted to do after my imports collections ...

Help: I saw that indexing discharge the kindle and lasts for hours and hours ...
What do you recommend? Index by collection??? Collections with 250 books are possible?
Or do I clear the books of K5 first? Or index all by K5? Only after create collections?
What manipulation launch this indexing? Just on activate the K5???
Thank you for help...

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