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Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd just piggy-back here and see if anyone has any suggestions...

PocketEdge will not charge. LED does not come on unless I press the power cord connector in there really hard and at an angle. Even then, the light just blinks once and that's it.

The PE starts up fine, but of course pretty much immediately tells me to connect the charger.

I removed the cover and unscrewed the board so that I could see if something was loose, but nothing appears off kilter. I connected the power cord, but no better luck than with the cover on. I'm really not comfortable messing about in there.

I don't have a volt meter to check the charger. I assume Radio Shack or Best Buy would have one - if I stopped in, would they test it for me? Assuming that's the problem, would I be able to pick up a compatible universal adapter there? (I know there is another thread regarding universal adapters, so I'll check that out, too.)
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