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Hello everyone! It’s me again… (

I had tried to connect the Kindle’s usb cable with the charger for ipod nano and the same phenomenon appeared again, the led indicator light turned orange. After that I tried to connect the Kindle’s usb cable with another different wall charger and this phenomenon was still repeated, the indicator light also was orange. Eventually, I connected the Kindle usb cable directly with one of usb ports in my thinkpad laptop. Everyone, guess what happened? After 2.5 hours of charging via usb port in laptop, I opened my Kindle paperwhite while the indicator light was still orange and its screen showed me a message like that: “Usb Drive Mode. If you wish to use your Kindle, please eject it from your computer. Currently your Kindle is not charging.” The small battery icon on the top right always remains at about 20% charging.

However, my laptop could recognize the Kindle as a removable storage device. I could use the laptop to open the storage space inside the Kindle to view my ebook files. I am from Vietnam so it is difficult for me to resend this Kindle for Amazon… Please give me some advices! After all of your advices are done but the Kindle can’t back to normal, I have to resend it to Amazon as a final solution.
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