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making the OCR go right to left when scanning PDFs

When I'm converting a PDF file to .mobi
I understood there is a built it OCR that scans the PDF and converts it to text..
Now when I try to convert Hebrew PDFs
the font is readable (I can see the Hebrew letters) however it is totally in reverse..
the word is in reverse order and so is the entire row
i.e the sentence " hello world"
would appear like this: "dlrow olleh"

I figured that it's because Hebrew is written from right to left (rtl) and not ltr
and the OCR just scans the entire PDF in the wrong order..

Logically making the OCR go from right to left instead of left to right sounds easy,
however I have no programming knowledge and have no idea how hard it is to apply it on the calibre

help would be much appreciated,
I'd love to read Hebrew on my Kindle, it'll be a tremendous improvement!

thanks a lot !!!
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