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Kindle PaperWhite stops charging and now it behaves so strange

I had used this Kindle PaperWhite about 5 months and I experienced this problem two times. First time, I charged my Kindle PaperWhite approximate 5 hours. During the charging process the indicator light was turned orange color. However I did not remember that when I disconnected it from electric source, whether the indicator light was turned green color or not. I did not open it and left it in sleep mode several days. When I first opened the Kindle to read, I was so surprised because on its screen there was a big battery icon and the image instructed user needed to connect it via Usb to start charging. So I had to charge this Kindle again despite I had not used it after this charge.

The latest time I charged this Kindle, after 5 hours of charging, the led indicator light remained orange color and was not turned to green. When the Kindle was disconnected form the electric source, I opened it and saw strange thing happened with the small battery icon which located on the top right of its screen. This icon was not covered all by white color after 5 hours charging, only 1/5 space of this icon was covered by white color as it was charged about 20%.

Please give me some advices. I had restarted this Kindle several times but this problem was not solved. This phenomenon appeared after my Kindle was automatically updated via wifi.

Thank you very much.

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