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Originally Posted by CrazyCoder View Post
Cool Reader 3 for Kindle Paperwhite and Touch.

1. Follow the instructions from Collections Manager. Ensure it works on your device.
2. Download and unpack on Kindle. It's a base older version.
3. Download/clone GitHub repository.
4. From dist-kt folder copy all the files to Kindle (overwriting existing files).
5. Run Cool Reader from the shelf.

Sorry for asking a dumb question, but I really can't work out what I'm supposed to do to get Cool Reader on my new Kindle Paperwhite. All the instructions online seem to point to this one very short post, quoted above.

1. I have Collections Manager up and running, having jailbroken my Kindle PW.

2. I downloaded the base file I then connected my Kindle to my laptop as a USB device, navigated to the 'root' folder, which I believe is just the top level one containing all other folders (including, e.g. the 'documents' folder). Then I dragged the base zip file over to the Kindle root folder and double-clicked it. It unzipped on the Kindle, in the root folder.

3/4. I downloaded the file called '' to my laptop and unzipped it. I navigated to the 'dist-kt' folder. In a separate window on my laptop, I navigated to the folder on the Kindle called 'cr3-kindle-2012-10-04' (just created in step 2) and dragged everything from 'dist-kt' in one window into 'cr3-kindle-2012-10-04', clicking 'accept' whenever prompted to replace an existing folder of the same name.

5. "Run Cool Reader from the shelf." I'm afraid I just don't know what I'm being told to do here. Which shelf? What very obvious thing have I missed?

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