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Smile Thank you so much

Originally Posted by :thanks: You don't [I
ever[/I] need to use the OPDS feature, Sharon. If you wish to use it, you just enter the IP address Calibre shows under the "Content Server" button, into Marvin. The address will end in :8080/opds.

What's even easier, Sharon, is what kyteflyer mentioned: you can just put your Calibre Library inside Dropbox. That way, whatever book you add to Calibre, will automatically become available for you for download on your iPad, iPhone, and anywhere else. Including inside Marvin, using its Dropbox button.

If you have misgivings about using Dropbox for books, you can use any other, similar cloud service for the same thing. I use SugarSync. You simply instruct SugarSync to monitor your Calibre "Books" folder, and that's it! Every book from Calibre will automatically become available for you to download on your iPad, iPhone, etc., using (for example) the SugarSync app. The SugarSync app, of course, gives you the option to open a book in Marvin after you download the book in the SugarSync app.
After reading all the information on the forum I looked at SugarSync, but since I already had Dropbox tried it instead. I didn't like the way Dropbox worked, putting my entire Calibre folder in Dropbox, and using your instructions connected Calibre to Marvin. I love it. Everything is working perfectly. Thank you so much for the information about the correct way to enter the address. That was the part I was having trouble with.

Marvin is the best reader I've ever seen and I'm still learning to use it. I, too, would like to see textured backgrounds such as old parchment paper.
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