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Well, enough is enough. I've finally decided to describe my
own experience with ArtaTech.

I bought a BOOX M92 in a local shop in Poland, from a local
representative of ArtaTech, about 3 months ago.

1. The device was advertised as coming with a special "gift coupon"
for a free certain book from a certain Polish online bookstore.
Indeed, when I opened the box, the coupon was there, but when I tried
to use it, I found that its validity had expired more than a month
earlier. A quick look at the official ArtaTech's web page revealed
that in the meantime they changed the "promotion" - another "book
title" was there (but the "bookstore" remained the same).
So I spoke to the local ArtaTech's representative and they told me
they were sorry but the "coupon" comes directly from ArtaTech (enclosed
in the M92 box).
So I spoke to ArtaTech directly. They told me the following:
Yes, my gift coupon is not valid any more and they don't care (I will
not get a new one for their current promotion) - had I bought the
device directly from their web page, instead of buying it from one of
their local representatives, I would get the new gift coupon with it.

2. More or less in the same time I noticed that ArtaTech advertises
their BOOX M92 as coming with TWO tts voices. One "American English"
and another one of user's choice. A quick look into my device revealed
that there is "Polish" only (and nobody asked me if I wanted to choose
any other language).
So I spoke to ArtaTech again (directly). They told me the following:
Yes, I do not have "English" and they don't care (I will not get any
new voices for free) - had I bought the device directly from their web
page, instead of buying it from one of their local representatives, I
would get "English", as well.

3. And here's my newest "experience" with ArtaTech.
I've recently noticed that the joystick's button is
broken. Electrically everything is fine, just the external plastic
piece is "split" into two parts. So I emailed ArtaTech stating that the
device is under warranty and asking them to send me that tiny plastic
part so that I could replace it myself in 5 minutes. Their reply was:
WE DO NOT SELL REPLACEMENT PARTS - the device can be repaired under
warranty conditions.
So I emailed them a copy of my warranty card asking them again to send
me that small replacement part. Their reply was again:
WE DO NOT SELL REPLACEMENT PARTS - the device can be repaired under
warranty conditions.
Well, they really expect me to send them the whole device just to get
that tiny piece replaced. Now, take the time needed to ship the device
in both directions (especially if you're not in Poland) plus the time
they "reserve" themselves for the "repairing" (they do not specify any
maximal time in their warranty conditions, so you might expect something
like up to 30 days which is quite usual in Poland) ... and you'll know
how much they really care that you can actually use your device
instead of waiting for it.
They also explicitly warned me that if I dare to open the device
myself, and repair that funny button myself, this will void my warranty.

Note a recent report in which someone was told that the US Mail will NOT ship devices with Li-Ion batteries inside.
That means that you may need to "remove" the battery if you want to send
your device for repairing.
Well, no problem with the eReader store, but voids your ArtaTech warranty.
If something breaks, you may not be able to ship your device unless you
remove the battery. But if you open your device and remove it, ArtaTech
will void your warranty - there are really clever guys in ArtaTech.

Note also one more thing. They give you 1 year warranty time (while
the eReader store gives 2, for example).
What happens if you meet problems afterwards?
Well, they "do not sell replacement parts". They will require you
to deliver your whole device to them. So you will need to pay for the
delivery of the whole device and then pay their "repair costs". Now
that's another clever move of them. If anything tiny gets broken (like
that plastic button) you will have to pay $$$ to get it "repaired".

Now, compare their behavior, what concerns service, with another European
distributor: the eReader store from Germany.
Here's a recent post in which a customer got a new power supply without any delay.
And another recent post in which a customer got the "full joystick module" without any delay.
That's what I call "good service".
And I do remember another posts in which people reported that they bought
additional "spare" parts from the eReader store without any problems.
Do not also forget that Booxtor (working for this German distributor)
provides a lot of support online, here in this forum.

Last, but no least. If you still consider buying anything from
ArtaTech, be aware that they do not care about any regular firmware
updates and you will not be able to install Booxtor's firmware
(because ArtaTech explicitly blocks it).

Well, I've got two advertising slogans for them (feel free to use it
at no license costs):

ArtaTech once and you'll never forget us!
ArtaTech - tell your friends about us!

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