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PRS-T1 Crashes

Ever since I've bought the PRS-T1 last year, I am haunted by sporadic crashes. Or maybe "crash" is the wrong word, the reader simply won't come alive from sleep state. Crashes don't happen very frequently, but always in very bad situations, e.g. when I'm travelling and really NEED access to the travel guide on my PRS-T1. When I take a wire or pen and push the reset button, I can often recover after a couple of minutes, but not always. Sometimes, I just give up. However, it seems like, when I open the reader the following day, it has somehow recovered, although I don't know if it has to do with me pushing RESET or if it would have recovered on its own. For extensive testing, those crashes are too rare, but they sure are as annoying as hell.

My PRS-T1 is rooted with Rupor's Package. I already restored to standard firmware and then re-rooted with the newest Rupor version, but that changed nothing (and obviously, I don't know if the issues have anything to do with the device being rooted in the first place).

Does anyone have similar experiences and/or can give me a some advice? Thanks!
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