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Originally Posted by kguil View Post
oooclll: Apple, B&N, Kobo etc... control everything from cloud storage to the front-end component. It is my understanding that their synchronisation systems work only for purchased books.

Achieving the same level of functionality is much, much more difficult using Dropbox APIs only. I will investigate this idea and see if I can come up with something.
I can understand that it is much harder to do when you don't control the cloud storage directly. If all users were like me I can tell you that it would be worth the effort if it were possible to implement. Who knows what other users are like though :-/. I can say however that I tired to get my two siblings to adopt Marvin (they use the Kindle app) but they are having a hard time swallowing the need to manually manage their books. Though in the end the subject/tag will do it for them I think. 100s of un categorizable books is their major headache with the Kindle (I don't get why they implement it on the Kindle hardware but not on the iPad app, oh well)

Is the Dropbox API somewhat as expressive as say a local OS filesystem API? In which case it should be feasible at least... Either way, as a fellow software engineer, I know that synchronization is tough and dirty job. I hope you end up finding it worth your time though.
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