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Dude, the "One Source" you rip was the print edition.

Originally Posted by Dr. Drib View Post
This title was released under a Creative Commons License with a link to the book here. There is additional acknowledgement AND a link again placed at the end of the book. Book was acquired from Munseys, BUT REFORMATED BY ME TO MY SPECIFICATIONS.

A great noir novel originally published in 1938.

This is what one source has to say about the novel:

"Is it possible in this day of enlightened justice for a man to be punished twice for the same crime? Double Jeopardy answers this question, at the same time uncovering the greatest of many loopholes in our modern jurisprudence. In this very human but striking novel are portrayed the calamities that can be visited upon any ordinary citizen by the cold dispassionate judgement of our courts and our unimaginative and often stupid juries. Through the eyes of the victim, Peter Thatcher, this tense revelation unfolds, growing to ugly and utterly ridiculous proportions. "Peter Thatcher has murdered his wife," people said. "I heard them quarreling," announced one. "And I," added another, "saw the blood." To make matters worse, Thatcher himself could not be quite sure of his own innocence!...."

I hope you enjoy it.

Here's the Amazon link. Wow, similar prose. Only a slimeball would quote it without mention of source.

Again, I don't particularly care about the above title, but let's get an insight into what you're up to.

That book, extremely rare, never reprinted, hidden after the Ashley Judd flick, was a solid $250 in hardcover. I bought it, scanned it, gave it away, printed it. Like Detour, it was an ehh, sales-wise, though we'll see what CSpace and Replica can do. However, in this above post, you are once again doing what you do best:

Striving as hard as possible to take food off my table and starve myself and my family.

And, to repeat, Munsey's is a loss-leader. But let's look at what you've done. I had huge (surprising) success with a book called "Warriors of Old Japan"--a selection from the Heike Monogatari, proofed from the Archive, which was Disruptive Publishing's #1 title from Jan.-May of this year (June brought out the old favorites, a booksurge partnership, and my familiar arrogance.) Title never sold on Amazon... doesn't mean it never sold.

I was so enthused, I went shopping, bought up a ton of books from Hokuseido, Kodansha, Liveright, others. I think I spent $8k. These books, like Warriors, are "meh" translations, but better than the Monkey. Idea was to give them away, mebbe print if popular. We're talking single copies of titles printed in Tokyo, pre-WWII, one of 250, on linen, etc... and no ebay magic like I have with smut.

Not that I'll ever recoup (err, well, I did print Warriors, and that...), but because, sir, of your single-minded desire to harm my business, those titles won't be free. They'll, in fact, be sold, and we'll see what the Kindle economy can do.

I hope your following thanks you.

Oh, and PS: your citing of the Pulpgen titles on Munsey's ignores three things:
  1. I talked to one of the Pulpgen duo at Windy City and Pulpcon; they <I>want</I> the titles available widely. I of course never take the illustrations, despite ease, because their .pdfs give the whole pulp experience.
  2. I don't direct link, because given the unfriendly-to-search-engines layout, and PDF content, Pulpgen is better served by a homepage mention.
  3. On the genealogy side, the "gen" of pulpgen, Disruptive Publishing cites their work in a couple of books, and we also mention pulpgen founder Larry Estep at conferences.

We do everything we can to help Mr. Estep and his business, with his permission and encouragement, as well as those of his partners. You do everything you can to harm me and mine. You imply I should offer you "respect." But my prior aspersions to Internet-Tough-Guy-dom aside, suffice to say, I studied martial arts for three years in Asia, I'm back to benching the rack on the home gym, and should we meet, and I ask you to step outside...

... it won't be because I'm offering f*******.

PPS: It's the Munsey's source link to all formats... not the HTML file. The directions are apt. But you begrudge me a pageview? Pathetic old man...

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