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Thx for the tips!
There's a 'bookreader' apps from cydia that will read .html. I tried it with the ebooks i purchased from fictionwise, by using convertlit to extract html from .lit. Transfering to the iphone's ebook directory is simple using iphoneexplorer (well, i have jailbroken old 8gb iphone with customised 2.01).
I put 1 book title html (and its jpgs) into 1 folder, and copy that folder to the iphone's ebook folder (not SSH, too much hassle).
Problem 1:
The iphone OS does not automatically set the file attributes to archive. it stays as read-only. When the bookreader apps open the html (yes, it would see the ebook in its list/library right away), the apps creates some sort of tracking file for last opened page, etc. Since the the folder is read-only, it can not create that file. So, after accessing and analysing the ebook/html, it gives 'error cannot create yaadaa yaddaa'.
Solution 1:
The Problem 1 can be solved with terminal apps, and using some chmode command to manually UN-read-only the ebook folder. Googleing the net helped me find details of this process. I applied it, and Voila... the ebooks i put for 'bookreader' apps is now readable..

Problem 2:
I assume the same read-only situation applies with 'ereader' ebooks (.pdb). So i did the same process, of copying and terminaling (chmod-ing) the file. Yet, while terminal shows i was succeeded, the books are not listed on the ereader library.
Solution 2:
NightWulf 'renaming' technique. I will test this when I have access again to the laptop i'm hooking my iphone (the wife's using it). Willl check what result I'd get.

thx, great forum, great technical discussion
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